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Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Daisy Lewis is dating Steve Coogan , with reports claiming the pair are now an item. The Downton Abbey actress, 30, is said to be ‘undaunted’ by the age gap with her new man, who will celebrate his 50th birthday this week. According to the Mail on Sunday, the two stars have hit it off and are happy to make their relationship official. The reports come after Coogan admitted he thought he was going to die after taking cocaine. Writing in his new book, Easily Distracted, Coogan recalls how he became hooked on drugs in an edited extracted published in The Guardian. Wenn Coogan, 49, revealed that he started taking drugs in but at that time claims that he did not need to buy the illegal substance because people were supplying him with it. In the book, he recalled a horrific experience where he had a panic attack that left him feeling like he was about to die.

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The novel is the first of a seven-book saga about the fortunes of a retail empire and the machinations of the business elite across three generations. Plot summary[ edit ] The book starts with an elderly Emma flying to New York with her personal assistant and favourite grandchild, Paula. Emma contemplates the empire she has created. She has trained Paula to be her successor, both as the head of Harte Stores and as representative of her mother, Daisy Amory, at Sitex.

In the Bones episode, Lance to the Heart, Christine is seen looking for her Uncle Sweets, saying that her “Uncle Sweets and Aunt Daisy” were going to take her somewhere. When Sweets died, it is shown that Sweets cared a lot for Christine and vice versa.

Early Life “Why did you join S. During her youth, Simmons was bed-ridden by Scoliosis ; her father, to relieve her boredom, would place her bed outdoors so they could stargaze together. Academy of Science and Technology in , where she met who would become her best friend, the engineering genius Leo Fitz. One of her main reasons for joining was to get answers to millions of questions.

Simmons discovers the Centipede Serum “You’re easily the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a thousand years. Stationed on the Bus , the pair have designed specialized equipment and compounds on the fly in various emergency situations. Their first foray into the field involved the case of Michael Peterson , a man in danger of exploding due to his use of the volatile Centipede Serum. Peterson was saved in part by Simmons’ efforts to create a Centipede counter-agent for Peterson.

Simmons and the team escaped Peruvian rebels only to face an armed takeover of the Bus. The team investigated and Simmons discovered that a rare element called Gravitonium was the cause of the attack.

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Daisy’s full name is Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley, but her “Star Wars name” (if we used her middle name, rather than her mum’s maiden name) would be Ridda Jazlo, which is pretty awesome.

He is portrayed by Lamorne Morris. Contents [ show ] Character Being a former roommate who returned shortly after Coach left, Winston finally comes back from playing basketball in Latvia, completely unaware of anything that has happened in the US for the past two years. In Clavado En Un Bar , it is revealed that Winston was the 9th guy on the bench for the 8th best team in Latvia and after being traded to the Kraslava City outdoor league suffered a humiliating leg injury that ended his basketball career.

History On Winston’s first night back at the loft , he goes out with Nick and Schmidt for some drinks and gets wasted. Jess makes him breakfast the next morning and not having met him before, she introduces herself by singing while he is massively hungover. The new roommate relationship gets off to an even rockier start when Jess breaks the TV with a basketball. Winston later helps Jess get her stuff back from Spencer , and when Spencer doesn’t offer up Jess’ jam shirt Winston joins the guys by putting on one of her hats they do this to dare Spencer to take the hats off of them.

Winston used to occupy the largest room in the loft, which Schmidt took when he left. He managed to manipulate Schmidt in switching rooms by claiming Schmidt is the new ‘top dog’.

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Overview[ edit ] Originally designed to follow in the footsteps of Young’s earlier “pretty girl” creations Beautiful Bab and Dumb Dora, Blondie focused on the adventures of Blondie Boopadoop—a carefree flapper girl who spent her days in dance halls along with her boyfriend Dagwood Bumstead , heir to a railroad fortune. After a month-and-a-half-long hunger strike by Dagwood to get his parents’ blessing, as they strongly disapproved of his marrying beneath his class, they disinherited him.

Left only with a check to pay for their honeymoon, the Bumsteads were forced to become a middle-class suburban family. The marriage was a significant media event, given the comic strip’s popularity. Blondie’s marriage marked the beginning of a change in her personality.

IMDb Obituary FindAGrave. John Randolph (actor) — Dead. Died February 24, Born June 1, Many movies including Prizzi’s Honor and the Vacation movies. IMDb. Joyce Randolph (actress) — Alive. Born October 21, The first Trixie Norton on The Honeymooners. IMDb. Joe Ranft (writer/cartoon voice) — Dead. Car crash. Died August 16,

Died January 29, Born July 6, Born October 14, Died February 25, Born July 20, Died September 13, Born September 1, The only deliberately amusing Texas governor, she famously said of George H. Bush’s gaffes, “Poor George. He can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth. Died September 14, Born July 12, Died September 10,

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The new female lead is almost unknown to the public prior the announcement. Other than a few images online and an updated information about her role in the upcoming Star Wars film on IMDB, little is known about the British actress who had appeared a number of TV series, such as Casuality and Toast of London, and a recent film Scrawl.

While there is no official announcement about any of the cast playing Jacen or Jaina, the rumor about Ridley started with a black and white photo of the entire cast sitting in a circle with Ridley sitting between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, who are reprising their famous roles of Solo and Leia, respectively. She must be their daughter.

Heads Up: This review is based on the first few episodes of Season 1 only. I was really looking forward to Rick and Morty based on the hilarious teaser and the fact .

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The theme music composed by Morton Stevens became especially popular. Most episodes would end with McGarrett instructing his subordinate to “Book ’em, Danno” sometimes specifying a charge such as “murder one. The program was ostensibly a vehicle for Hesseman, best known for his role as radio DJ Dr. Chronicling the lives of the staff of a single police precinct in an unnamed American city, the show received critical acclaim and its production innovations influenced many subsequent dramatic television series that were made.

The Jeffersons is the longest-running sitcom with a predominantly African American cast in the history of American television. Set in a fictitious coastal suburb of Los Angeles in California, the show centered on the lives of four married couples living in a cul-de-sac, Seaview Circle.

Yes this Daisy Ridley nude scene is certainly the best acting she will ever do, and as you can see in the video above, she brought just as much charisma and depth of emotion to this role playing dead, as she did playing “Rey” in the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which is to say none.

Source Hercules is the thirty-fifth full-length animated feature film in the Disney Animated Canon , and the eighth entry of the Disney Renaissance. As the thirty-fifth animated feature in the Disney animated features canon, the film was directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. The movie is an American fantasy tale very loosely based on Ancient Greco-Roman mythology , more specifically the adventures of Heracles known in the movie by his Roman name, Hercules , the son of Zeus.

While not a flop, it is nonetheless looked upon by the Disney company as a financial disappointment. Despite its critical acclaim and James Woods’ portrayal as Hades being praised, the film is widely considered to be the movie that killed the Disney Renaissance as well as one of the more hated Renaissance films as after Tarzan two years later, some Disney films began to be box office failures again during the early to mid s.

However, despite the backlash that the film has received, the film has gained a small yet heavily devoted following in recent years. Contents Plot Opening The film begins with the five muses “Goddesses of the arts and pro-claimers of heroes” telling the story of how Zeus came to power and prevented the monstrous Titans from ruling the world.

This leads to the day Hercules is born to Zeus and Hera , much to the pleasure of the other gods except Hades , who receives word from the Fates that Hercules will one day rise to power and prevent him from taking control of the world. He sends his minions, Pain and Panic a duo reminiscent of Ares’s mythological sons, Deimos dread and Phobos fear , to kidnap Hercules and feed him a potion that will strip him of his immortality; however, they are interrupted and, while Hercules becomes mortal, he retains his god-like strength for the potion to fully work, Hercules had to drink every last drop, but missed one when they were interrupted.

Hercules grows up to be a misfit, challenged by his incredible strength and unable to fit in with other people. His adoptive parents finally tell him that he is adopted and they found a medal with his name on it when they found him abandoned on a road as a baby. Hercules then decides to travel to the temple of Zeus. Zeus comes down to Hercules and tells Hercules that he is his father and someone stole him from his parents Hera and Zeus.


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